Social Calling cards are becoming hip again

My husband introduced me to a delightful old film called "Harvey", starring James Stewart a few months back, and I soon found that I loved this film. It released in 1950, and is one of the older films that I want to add to my cinema library. I think I am old fashioned at heart. I enjoy nightgowns, old movies, musicals, and some of my close friends are my Grandmothers age. I also like the etiquette and pomp and circumstance depicted in the older films, although it might not show how things really were back in the day,I still like to think I am learning and improving on my social skills. In this particular film, one particular quote struck me -Elwood Dowd's (James Stewart) had a relationship with ideal, imaginary friend 'Harvey' - a six-foot rabbit - and the mantra to which it gives rise: "You know, years ago, my mother used to say to me "In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant." Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me."
One of the pleasant things Elwood Dowd's did was to hand out calling cards. Not a stuffy business card like we have in this day and age, but a true calling card, with only his name and phone number on it. I was intrigued, and so I looked up what the etiquette was concerning calling cards in this day and age and wanted to share them with you.
It is a rising trend believe it or not, but some caution must be followed according to experts. In Victorian times calling cards were left when someone dropped by and found that the object of the call "was not home". There was actually a list of "rules' that they followed. There was an entire ritual of rules that pertained to social calls and the use of calling cards. For example, in most cases, there were specific visiting hours during which guests could visit. Each caller was to leave a calling card in the 'card receiver" on the entry hall table. This way, not only the hostess, but other callers as well, could see who had been there. If the woman of the house was not at home at the time of the caller's visit, the caller would leave her card with the servant, turning down one corner of the card to indicated that it was delivered in person. Fascinating.

Our latest callers have just been burglars, if they had only left a calling card, I could have sent a card to thank them for relieving me of my hard earned treasures. :)

OK, now the big question when would you give out a social calling card? Well....

1.Class reunions. You’re going to run into a ton of people with which you want to exchange information. Instead of constantly busting out the pen and paper, just hand them your card.

2.Networking between jobs. You’re not currently employed, so you don’t have a business card. Or if you do, it has your old employer’s info on it. While you’re looking for work, have a calling card ready to present to potential contacts and leads.

3.Parties. If you’re planning an informal party or get together, write down your address and the time of the party on the back. When you run into people you’d like to see there, give them one of your cards and invite them over. Sometimes calling cards also come with small envelopes, sized to fit your card. You can therefore always use your calling cards as traditional invitations sent through the mail. Also, if your calling card comes with an envelope, you can use them as gift cards.
4.The classroom. It’s often hard to make the leap from being “in-class” friends to “outside of class” friends. Give someone you enjoy chatting with in class your calling card. They’ll probably start posting on your Facebook page and your friendship will take off from there. Or use the card to set up a study group

You can make some yourself, or have a printer make some for you. The beauty of the calling card is that it can be whatever you want it to be. It doesn't need to be the size of a business card, it can be smaller, or even larger. It can be as simple as just having your name and webpage, or have more information like your email address, and phone number or even a link to your favorite social network like facebook or twitter. You can also promote your blog with calling cards. Experts say to be cautious with putting too much information on the calling card. When I get mine finally made, I am going to keep it simple, and just use my name with a monogram and blog, that way I still have some control over who is contacting me.

But then again, if you give out this kind of calling card, you are probably not going to be invited over again!

If you want more information on Social calling cards, you can visit the site where I swiped some of my research and found the photos for this blog.

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