Making German Marzipan with the Stratton Clan

Every year the Smith and Stratton Family get together and make a german candy called Marzipan. This was the first time that I have been able to participate, and we had an amazing time. It was fun to get together and hang out.

My brother in law Jay, and my hubby showing the after effects of too much sugar!

I tried to write down all of the steps, but it just got too messy.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Jeff's uncle.

Snow fun in 10 degree weather!

We have gone sledding a few times this winter and boy it has been cold. When I say "we", what I really mean is my husband and kids. I went down one time, and thought this is going to be easy. There were no jumps in sight except for one to the side. It was 10 degrees, and I wasn't really dressed to go sledding. Jeans, and long johns, which didn't do a thing for me. I have no..idea how I did it, but somehow I ended up finding that little hill and went up and then back down , flat on my back. I still can't figure out how I did it. Needless to say that has been the only bit a sledding I have personally experienced this winter. I'll be sure to have proper snow gear, next time I get the urge. My hubby and kids have gone a few times this  winter season.  My son is currently learning how to snowboard and he's been a natural at it. His Uncle Jaye, showed him a few tricks and he picked it right up. So proud of him!

My son's first time on a snowboard!

Here we go!

My niece and my daughter enjoying some January 1st sledding action.

This was taken right after my wipe out. was cold.

My son after the first big snow of the winter season.

Wow, this is a great shot with my camera! Except that I had them pose at the bottom of the hill just as if they were sledding really fast. Haha!

My daughter has the most amazing smile!

We went sledding with my brother and his adorable children!

My brother is an amazing father!

The kids were great sports taking these "still" photos.

Halloween 2010

Fall began for us with a ride through Cottonwood canyon. The leaves were changing and the colors were vibrant. If I had a better camera, I would be able to capture the spectacular scenery and do it justice. I was able to capture a few shots so I thought I would share a lovely afternoon.

Fall 2010 Family Photos

These are just a few of the pictures that my aunt took of us that I love and adore.

Back to school 2010

Back to school has been very hectic this year. I have one kiddo that started Middle School and is on a traditional school schedule, and  another is still in Elemetary school on a year round schedule. School shopping has been erratic and with the oldest in middle school, it brought a bunch of new challenges. Decorating the locker, has been fun, and now my daughter has a very chic place to put her books between classes. I'll be sure to take some pictures of it, when it is done. I also have made some really cute hair pieces to coordinate with her outfits. Now my son, no sweat. He's good with some t-shirts, shorts and jeans. Not very complicated for him. Thank goodness. Here's a picture of my little fashionista daughter on her first day of school. I need to get a good photo of my son as well, so he'll be next.
My daughters first day of Middle School! It sure goes by fast.
It's been fun shopping for her. This is her Justice for Girls outfit. We love that store.
Going to school with a good friend, makes the first day not so scary!
I carpool and take Ashlyn's friend Christina to school.

Catching up on 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to visit with my family and girlfriends. My dad had open heart surgery, and it reminded me to focus on the positive things that I do with my family. My dad is still recovering, but to say the least it was a scary time for all of us. He had several complications and since I wasn't able to be with him, it made it all the more hard for me. I am so grateful for family, and for the love we share. It has made me put things in perspective, and make some goals for myself. One of those goals is to catch up on my blogging and journal writing. The last post I left was about some of the things that have happened in 2009. This post will be mainly about some of the highlights from 2010. We have lived in Utah for roughly 10 months. So much has happened, so sit back while I give you a glimpse into our busy lives.

Sledding fun!
1. This was the first time that our children had the opportunity to go sledding. We went on New Years day with the whole Stratton Clan, and had a wonderful time.

I'm not sure who talked her into this, but my mother in law joined in on the fun!
I'd be scared to if I let a 9 year old drive.

2. My daughter was chosen as Student of the week, and was given a hero cape to wear. She also was awarded a certificate of graduation from the Dare program. Way to go sweetie!!!

We celebrated our son's birthday and Grandma Stratton's birthday in the second new home that we moved into in Utah.

3. We moved after 3 months from West Jordan to Riverton. Our landlords from the first house, failed to notify us that they were planning on moving back in shortly after renting it to us. I thought it was very sneaky of them not to let us know. The plus side is that we found a much better home, that we love.
Make a wish!

Happy 10th birthday!

4. We hosted a St. Patricks Day Party in our new home. It's a family joke, but I purchased about 15 corned beef brisket cuts because it is seasonal. We get to enjoy corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes every month now. I think my daughter hates it now! :) The party was a blast, and kids set out leprachaun traps. They havn't caught one yet, but the magical creature always leaves gifts behind.

My sister in laws Misti and Julie!!
I love a man who's willing to help out in the kitchen!!
Aren't they cute?

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

My sister looking thrilled as ever to be at a family function. :)

My sweet niece.

Check out my daughters elaborate leprachaun trap!

My son's leprachaun trap wasn't going the way he hoped, so he was a little grumpy.
All decked out to go to school, St. Patricks day style.

My little leprachaun man.

We love Stratton family get togethers.

We were so tired from cooking, I just wanted to sleep.

5. Even though my kids are getting a little bigger, they still wanted to dye easter eggs. It was sort of funny actually, because I had my niece and nephew over who are 3 and 5. My kids were being very particular about what color they wanted on their eggs and how they wanted to design them. My sweet niece and nephew just started plopping them into the egg dye, and stealing my kids' eggs. You would have thought it was the end of the world to see the looks on their faces.
I even got my sister to get on the Easter fun!

 I love my kids, they are the best.

My daughters Easter masterpieces.

"Baby eggs"
6. Another highlight this year, was finding out that in the field behind our house, a local rancher let his horses loose to graze during the year. We have been able to get boxes of apples and other treats and feed them to the horses. Most days if they see us standing at the fence they start running. Watching the horses run past my kitchen window in the mornings always brings a smile to my face.
Utah is so beautiful!

Ashlyn on her 12th birthday!
7. When my daughter turned 12, she decided to go to the temple on her birthday. She was beaming from ear to ear, and we were able to enjoy the evening with family and friends.
Jordan River Temple

8. Our nephew Trevor graduated from High School. Congratulations Trevor. We are really proud of him, he just joined the Navy, and will be employed next summer. He's going to be learning diesel mechanics. He's very excited.

8. Searching for snakes, seems to be a common activity for my kids. They have been catching garden variety snakes, and making them as pets. Some died, some had funerals with a burial, some slithered away, some fingers were bit, some fingers didn't. One thing is for sure,  they had fun.

They were raised on the farm, and even though they live in the city, they still find time for country fun.