Valentine Crafts

I know that it is a few weeks past Valentines, but I just wanted to show a few projects that I made. I have to be perfectly honest, celebrating Valentines does not come easily in my house. It is a concerted effort to make sure it a holiday that my husband and I celebrate. It is important in my opinion, so...I make things to show my love to my husband.

Well, my first Valentines with my husband was celebrated at a funeral. Not really a good way to start things out right? We have been married for 12 years now, and I don't recall ever "going out" for dinner on Valentines. I have always made or done something for my sweetheart, but like I said it has never been a big focus for us. I remember one year, when we were extra broke my sweetie, asked quite innocently if we could postpone it. haha. He is much much better now that he has a few more years of married wisdom. :)

I think my kids look forward to Valentines more then me-they informed my husband and I that they were excited because they would be getting a stuft animal. I wasn't aware that this had become a tradition, but sure enough the kids showed which stuft animal they had recieved from years past on Valentines. How about that? We created a family tradition and we didn't even realize it. Hahah. To be fair to my sweet husband though, I did get some chocolates this year, and he did buy me a cute bracelet. It didn't come in on time, but I got it today, and it is quite cute. It's the thought that counts right?!

On Super bowl Sunday my girlfriends and I sat down at the table and started on this raggamuffin wreath. I chose a Valentines theme, one girlfriend started a patriotic theme, and the other focused on Valentines. I had actually seen the project done on another blog, but it was in a heartshape. Wouldn't you know it- they were all out of hearts, so I made due with the round one. A few hours later, and a few bruised nuckles later. I finished my first Valentines Ragamuffin Wreath!

The blog I was inspired by is found at You should check them out! Cute projects! All the instructions and inspiring photos on how to do this project can be found there.

The plate at the top of this entry, I made 10 years ago. I took an unfired plate, and glazed and designed it for Valentines. My dad had access to a kiln at the time, so i was able to fire it. I wish I had a kiln, I would love to make my own plates. My sweet little creation had an accident a few months back, courtesy of one of my children. My husband glued it back together, but that is why you see the crack in it.

This years Valentines present to my sweetie, started with a wedding photo that I had color copied, and then I modpodged it onto a tile in a matt finish. I found some cute sayings on velum that I found in the scrapbook section at Walmart. The photo doesn't do it justice, no matter how many times I took it, it came out with a glare and unfocused. Grrr.

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