Day # 3 Our First Full Day at Sea

Jeffrey demonstrating to me that we were indeed sailing on the ocean :)

This was our first full day at sea in which we were able to explore the ship, and participate in the activities that were going on throughout the day. I have to admit, for Jeff and I this was actually the first day in which we finally relaxed and stopped thinking about what was going on at home. It took longer for Jeff I think because he was always on the go, go, go at work, and having to deal with allot of responsibility and pressure at work. I finally had to tell him to chill out and just relax and that he wasn't at work. I truly don't think he realized that he was acting so tense. After that, we both took a deep breath and smiled and let ourselves just enjoy the moment.

Our Room 4101 had two pull down bunk beds for the children. Jeff,and Ashlyn waiting patiently for Jeffrey to finish up some schoolwork so they can go swimming.

After a trip to the buffet for breakfast, we all headed back to our cabin and had the children work on some schoolwork before we headed off to the pool area. The great thing about having an inside cabin was that it was perfectly dark and quiet, so it was very easy to sleep in without distractions. Sleeping in for us, meant 9am, which was a feat it self because normally the kids are wide eyed and bushy tailed at 6:30 am.

Jeffrey swimming to the edge of the pool wondering why the water tastes so salty.

After Breakfast we headed down to the pool. There are 3 but we generally stuck to the middle one, as that seemed to have more kids playing. The water comes right out of the ocean, and so naturally it was salty, and......COLD! Jeff was very brave and decided to get in and play with the kids. ALL the kids. I think he must have played with most of the kids Jeffrey and Ashlyn's age. They played tag....I think the idea was to keep moving. Ashlyn and Jeffrey were determined to swim regardless of how frigid the water was. Me? I layed out and got some much needed sun. I did dip myself in the pool once, and boy oh boy I regretted it. :)

This really was a very nice relaxing day. By this time we had outrun the storms in California, so it started to warm up and become quite sunny and nice. I think the last time I actually layed out by a pool was 3 years ago, when Jeff and I went on a cruise with my friend Deena and her husband.
Ashlyn's version of the day--"Today I did many things.First, I had a cruise breakfast of hash browns, bacon and raisin french toast. I've never had raisin french toast before so, so I was surprised to see it. Then, we got in our swimsuits to swim in the pool. The moment, I got in though, I flinched! It was freezing! It ends up that the water came straight from the ocean, although it was salty you could drink it. At the kids club later that day we did a scavenger hunt of different countries currency. (Out of 20 I only got 4 right). We also all played ping pong. (We, as in different kids). I sent the ping pong ball off the deck seven times. No one wanted me on their team and everone other than me got a starburst candy for winning. Tonight was dress up night. I dressed all fancy for dinner. I ate Valley roasted duck and soup, with a nice side of a shrimp cocktail. All together with my waiter Norris (he is from Jamaica) and meeting Harley (she is from Canada) it was a pretty, nice day.

Jeffrey's version of the day--"I was mostly in the pool and I played with my two new friends, Edward and Justin. These were two boys that I met on the ship. We couldn't go on the waterslide, so we played in the pool. I missed going to the kids club to do the Volcano making activity, so I stayed in the pool. After that I went to the kids club and I made hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of paper air planes, and the first time I was in a contest against other kids, I got first place with my airplane. I competed against 13 girls and 14 boys. My mom and dad went to a magic show. I got to destroy the towel creature that was left in our room on our bed."

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  1. What a fun family vacation. I didn't realize that you had gone on a cruise. I am so glad you had a fun and RELAXING time! You deserve it!