Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

Ashlyn giving her best Birthday smile!
Wow! I can't believe it has been 11 years since I gave birth to our oldest daughter. She is such a wonderful daughter and friend, and I can't believe that she is one year older. Another milestone! *sniff* I get a little weepy when it comes to milestones, because I know time is creeping, no racing by and one day she will be on her own making her own way in the world. She was so cute this morning. She woke us up singing and dancing around the house that it was her birthday. Jeffrey said she woke him up at night time, but he's just a grump like me in the morning.

She said it was her Best Birthday Ever! We didn't do much, so it was nice to know that she appreciates what she gets. We dropped off cupcakes to her classroom and she loved all the attention of course. Once Jeff got off work, we picked him up and headed over to the Pizza Factory and let the kids play some video games. We then went to my Mom and Dad's and shared her birthday cake with the rest of the family. It was so cute! Her cousin Shaye played Happy Birthday to her on the flute. She is a first year flute player and she had a few hiccups, but it was beautiful to hear because it was played with lots of love.
Shaye playing her version of a drum roll while Ashlyn takes the first bite of cake! Haha
Ashlyn had her eye on a few Sim DS games, so rather then pick out her games, we let her take her pick. I snuck over to the jewelery portion of the store and picked out something special for from me. She beamed, so I know she was happy. It was a long, wonderful day. Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

Cheers to Ashlyn

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  1. Happy Birthday Ashlyn! Wow, next year you will be in Young Womens. I hope I am still in there so I can get to know you better. Hope your day was great!