Busy Week!

This past week was crazy! Both the kids had their end of the year Awards assembly programs for school, Jeff and I were sick, my sister found out she was pregnant and I was hired for design job. Jeffrey starts Summer school on Monday so the chaos isn't over! I am also writing a design article for Latter Day Woman and the deadline is on June 19th. I usually have the article submitted a few weeks prior to the deadline, but with all the chaos going on in our lives at the moment, I have yet to write the darn thing. Tomorrow I will get a good chunk of the article written because I have an interview with a professional organizer on how to prepare for Back to School. I think I wouldn't be so stressed if I also didn't have to worry about organizing the crafts for Girls Camp next month. I don't do well with last minute planning, or being rushed. Can you tell?! So today's blog entry doesn't have pictures or cute captions! It's just to remind everyone not to procrastinate because it just causes more chaos in your life, and who needs that?Right!!!

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