Designer Thursday : Getting Organized

This week I have decided to blog about something that I am actually researching. I have a design article submission due next week, so this evening I was researching sites on the Internet. I was able to interview a Professional Organizer, but finding photos can be a challenge too! The main focus of my search was to find ideas for a Command Center. What is a command center? will have to read my article. Just kidding. I'll answer that question for you.
A command center is a centrally located area in your house where you have an organized system for your family. This is the area where the kids can put their backpacks, and hang up their jackets. This is also an area where they can EMPTY out their backpacks and take out those permission slips and put them in labeled baskets. A command center could also have a bench, hanging shelves with hooks, and best of all a calendar to keep track of everyone's schedule. Let's face it, our family lives are getting busier and busier. So why not be organized while we struggle getting through our day to day routines. Get the picture? This week I wanted to highlight a website that offers a step by step tutorial on how to create a beautiful version of a command center. If you want to learn how check this out at

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