Back to school

Our kids started school on Monday, so we kicked the early morning routine off with a big breakfast, and pictures. The early morning sun rising over the horizon put a glare on my photos, but it shows the kids in a glow. They were nervous and excited to meet their new friends and teachers, and it was fun sharing the moment with them.

Our daughter wanted to take a gift to her teacher, who taught her last year as well. I wasn't sure what to do at the last minute, so the night before I made some zuchinni nut bread. My son was of the mind that we should keep the loaf of bread I made for his teacher, and eat it instead. One shows logic, and the other is guided by emotion. Very typical for a boy and girl I think.

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  1. How sweet a gift, that is something my daughter would do but like Jeffery Tommy would want to keep to eat. Boys and girls are so different. Your kids are getting so big, were does the time go?