Backpack Tags

School starts for my children on Monday, so I decided to make some backpack tags. Every year, I am doing a search for lost backpacks, lunch pails, and jackets in the lost and found pile at school. I was inspired to make some backpack tags to help with acquiring these lost items. The kids are sure to be trend setters with these cool labels. They are very easy to make, so if you have a few moments; try to make a few of your own. All you need to get started is your favorite scrapbook paper, chipboard letters,and any stickers you might want to embellish with. I made one for my daughter and my son, and found that the heavier cardstock paper worked better. Just cut and paste and so you have a front and back side. When you are done, have it laminated. Easy right? To attach to a backpack or bag, hole punch the tag in the corner and add a keyring loop.

The backside of the tag can be embellished but you need to make sure to leave an area to place some important information about your child. I have chosen to only put my kids'name,homeroom,name of their school,and a small note to please return the backpack to the office if found. You can add as much information as you want, but for safety and privacy issues, I chose to keep mine simple. If you make some backpack tags, I would love to see them.

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