Back to school 2010

Back to school has been very hectic this year. I have one kiddo that started Middle School and is on a traditional school schedule, and  another is still in Elemetary school on a year round schedule. School shopping has been erratic and with the oldest in middle school, it brought a bunch of new challenges. Decorating the locker, has been fun, and now my daughter has a very chic place to put her books between classes. I'll be sure to take some pictures of it, when it is done. I also have made some really cute hair pieces to coordinate with her outfits. Now my son, no sweat. He's good with some t-shirts, shorts and jeans. Not very complicated for him. Thank goodness. Here's a picture of my little fashionista daughter on her first day of school. I need to get a good photo of my son as well, so he'll be next.
My daughters first day of Middle School! It sure goes by fast.
It's been fun shopping for her. This is her Justice for Girls outfit. We love that store.
Going to school with a good friend, makes the first day not so scary!
I carpool and take Ashlyn's friend Christina to school.

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