A year in one post!

We moved last October to Utah and then moved again 3 months after that. So..2 houses later and 3 different schools in a school year for my children, we have settled down. I decided to catch up on my blogging from the last year. How does one summarize a year's worth of challenges and  in one posting? Well you can't. Not all of it at least. :) I am currently downloading all of my pictures on to my computer, and have 680 pictures to go through. You heard me correctly, 680! So I will just touch on  a few highlights from the last year, of the highs and lows in the Stratton family.
My cat Snowflake -1992-2009
1. One of the lows from this year, was having to put to sleep my siamese cat Snowflake. Did you know that the Siamese cat has the longest life span of the cats? Snowflake wasn't doing well, and had a form of cat dementia because of her old age. We were afraid that the move to the colder climate would be too rough on her, and the Doctor recommended we put her to sleep. It was extremely hard for me, as she had been a part of my life for so long. I still miss her, and it has been a year since her passing.

Stratton cousin time!
2. Just one week after moving to Utah, we celebrated Halloween. We had a great time and was able to spend it trick or treating with my dear friend Alaina and her family. Alaina is one of my former mission companions and we've been buds ever since. This was also a time for celebration, because we were able to start getting acquainted with our nieces and nephews.
Halloween 2009

3. A major highlight for our family this year was the SNOW!!!!!!!!!! Our kids loved, loved, loved it and we had a blast playing in it. Check out my daughters smile!
Our little snow bunny!!!

Blessed to have these two angels in our lives.
4. Christmas tree shopping is just another highlight of 2009. We were able to find an incredible deal and got a huge tree. I love Christmas time with my family! Also, we were able to take some pictures with Santa. Boy was it cold!

Stratton Family 2009

5. Every year my husbands side of the family gets together with all of the extended family for a Christmas party. They sing carols, have a great dinner and play games. This year they decided to make marshmallow shooters for everyone! It was so..fun, but man was it gross to clean up. Jeff's uncle decided to lick his "before" shooting them, and they would literally stick to your forehead if they hit you. We scraped up the goo that got trampled into the carpet. It was seriously allot of fun.
My brother feels the spirit on Christmas Eve. He would like to think he's an angel but I know differently!

My niece and I.
Stratton girls!

I hope that marshmallow isn't wet!

I think my brother and sister hit someone!
I'm always hiding behind my husband, it was a war out there!
6. Christmas morning was so much fun! I think its the only time of the year when everyone wakes up with a smile on their face at the crack of dawn. My daughter is the exception, she always has a smile on her face. The rest of us are normally grumps.
***Warning***Do not slap him on the back. His face might stick.

It's such a great present, it sparkles and glows in the dark!!!

My poor hubby, so tired, he can't stay awake.

My son enjoying a present from his sister. He's quite dashing.

7. My brother and I celebrated our birthday together on New Years Eve. We had a blast, only downside was that the ice cream cake we ordered was the wrong flavor:(

In the next post, I'll update everyone on what has been happening in 2010! Phew I can't believe I got through that!

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