Snow fun in 10 degree weather!

We have gone sledding a few times this winter and boy it has been cold. When I say "we", what I really mean is my husband and kids. I went down one time, and thought this is going to be easy. There were no jumps in sight except for one to the side. It was 10 degrees, and I wasn't really dressed to go sledding. Jeans, and long johns, which didn't do a thing for me. I have no..idea how I did it, but somehow I ended up finding that little hill and went up and then back down , flat on my back. I still can't figure out how I did it. Needless to say that has been the only bit a sledding I have personally experienced this winter. I'll be sure to have proper snow gear, next time I get the urge. My hubby and kids have gone a few times this  winter season.  My son is currently learning how to snowboard and he's been a natural at it. His Uncle Jaye, showed him a few tricks and he picked it right up. So proud of him!

My son's first time on a snowboard!

Here we go!

My niece and my daughter enjoying some January 1st sledding action.

This was taken right after my wipe out. was cold.

My son after the first big snow of the winter season.

Wow, this is a great shot with my camera! Except that I had them pose at the bottom of the hill just as if they were sledding really fast. Haha!

My daughter has the most amazing smile!

We went sledding with my brother and his adorable children!

My brother is an amazing father!

The kids were great sports taking these "still" photos.

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