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I decided last year to make a bow holder for my daughter, and realized how easy it actually was to make one. I thought I would share the one I made, in case anyone wanted to try it themselves. They are great for baby shower gifts, and also for birthdays. I made one for two of my nieces. One was very girly, and the other one was a beach theme. This is one I made for my daughter.

I have allot more bows then this on her bow holder which is why the ribbons are crimped a little bit, for the sake of taking a photo of it, I decided to take some off.

I found the supplies, believe it or not at Wal Mart. I have noticed lately though the craft section at Wal Mart is getting smaller and smaller, so if you don't find what you need then check out another hobby store.


Ribbon -2 different patterns works best for this project. You need enough to hang down from your plaque, as well as some ribbon on top, so be generous. It is best to have too much then not enough.

1 Wooden Plaque- I chose an oval shape but you can get a square or rectangle if it pleases you.

Wooden wording-I was able to find the word "Dream", but if you want you can put your daughters name. This will probably be more hard to locate, because it depends on what is in stock at your hobby store

1 large ribbon rossette-I found this in the wedding area in the craft aisle.

1 bag of little flowers-these are also found in the wedding area in craft section at Wal mart.

1 bag of crystals or rhinestones-I used rhinestones because I liked the size of them, however any size crystal would work. These are to be used to embellish the centers of the flowers, the large rosette, the wording, as well as a few on the ribbon at the top.

1 large bow-Again, I was able to find these in the wedding area in the craft section at Wal Mart.

Craft paint


Hot glue gun

Glue to use on crystals/rhinestones

Ok, now that you have your materials list, you will be surprised at how fast this is to put together.

1. The first thing you are going to want to do is sandpaper your plaque to make sure that it is nice and smooth. Once you have done that, then go ahead and paint it in a color that will go nicely with the ribbons you have chosen. I chose white because I was going for a cottage look. I would put a few coats of paint on it, letting it dry between layers. If you want to speed up the process, use your blow dryer.

2. If the wording you have found is unfinished, or in a color that you dislike, go ahead and paint that as well. Watch for drips, the wording is a bit more difficult to paint.

3. Paint your flowers on the plaque, with the petals being one color and the center painted a different color. Remember, your wording will go in the center so you don't need to paint flowers everywhere, just judge which areas are going to need to be filled in. Allow to dry.

4. Seal the paint with a spray.

5. Cut your lengths of ribbon to your preferance. I chose to have the outside ribbons shorter then the center ribbon. Cut a "V" at the bottom of your ribbons. If you fold the ribbons lenthwise at the bottom, and cut it at an angle it creates an instant 'V'.

6. Hot Glue the ribbons to the back of the wooden plaque.

7. If the wood has dried, and has been sealed. Hot Glue the wording on to the plaque in the center.

8. Hot Glue the large rosette into the corner of the plaque, allowing if to overlap the wording a little bit.

9. Hot glue or use the adhesive on the backs of the little flowers and place them on the wooden plaque in areas that are needed. I alternated between painted flowers and fake flowers.

10. Using the rhinestone and crystal glue, apply the crystals on the rosette, making sure each one has secured. Attach the crystals in the centers of the fake flowers, as well as on the wording. I chose to place a rhinestone on the ends of all the letters.

11. Take a length of ribbon and fold it in half. One end will need to be hotglued to the back of the plaque at the top and then attach the other end to the back with hot glue. This should create a loop, so make sure you have spaced the ends out when you attach them.

12. Hot glue/attach the large bow to the top of your loop. Once you have attached it, it should hang at the very top. Attach a few crystals to the center of the bow.

13. You are ready to use your new bow holder. Good job!

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