Stratton Family Vacation Day 1

Vacations Rock!

Is Jeffrey the future king?

We are back!! Our family left on an amazing adventure that started on March 2, 2009 and ended yesterday March 13, 2009. We are tired and our throats are sore but we all have agreed that is was a trip to be remembered. Because we did so...much on our vacation ,and I have so many pictures and video I am going to have to break up what happened on the trip in sections.

We left on March 4, 09 right after Jeff got off of work, and even though we had a few hiccups getting out of town, we were finally on our way. I had done some research on the Internet, and found a hotel I wanted to try out called the Candy Cane Inn, in Anaheim, Ca. It was right down the street from Disneyland. The hotel was so adorable. Our room was a tropical theme, with little plantation shutters. The check in was quick and easy, and the grounds were beautiful. We will definetely be staying at the Candy Cane Inn again.

Candy Cane Inn
We got up the next morning, and was happy to see that the weather was sunny and nice. After a quick breakfast, we walked 5 minutes to Disneyland and bought our tickets. Most of my family also decided to join us at Disneyland that day, which was great! We hadn't done that in a long time. The only ones missing of my brothers and sisters were Rick and Rachael. We missed them and thought of them through out the day as we screamed on roller coasters and hung out together. Disneyland didn't open up until 10am, so as we walked around and went to Jamba Juice, and met my parents, John & his girlfriend Casey, and Meghan at the front gate. Katherine and her family were still eating breakfast, so we met up with them later.

Jeff and I were so happy to finally be on vacation. It was such a great blessing to be able to save for 3 years and accomplish our goal of taking our children to travel. An added bonus was being able to spend part of our trip with our extended family because we love them so much!

John and Casey at the Buzz lightyear ride, and Shaye, Ashlyn, Kiyah, Jeffrey and Uncle Shawn waiting in line at the Peter Pan ride.

John insisted that it was a tradition that the very first ride at Disneyland was Star Tours, so we started off there. On the Buzz light year ride, you can email yourself a photo of yourself on the rides, which was very cool! I tried to add the buzz light year pictures that I sent from Disneyland but it doesn't save as a jpeg, only as .art, so if anyone knows how I can convert that let me know please.

Jeff and I decided to race on the carousel horses in Fantasyland. I won of course.

Queen Ashlyn ready to take up the cause for freedom! How noble she looks :)

The great thing about Disneyland that day was that the weather was absolutely perfect, and there wasn't a huge amount of crowds. As a matter of fact, we were able to jump on several of the rides over and over. On Splash Mountain, some of the family didn't even have to get off the ride, they asked if they could do it again and the guys just started it all over again. The whole day was that! We were celebrating my niece's birthday at Disneyland as well, so it was cute to see the attention she was getting from wearing her birthday button.

After lunch at Disneyland, Jeffrey and Ashlyn caught a glimpse of Woody and Jesse and decided to see if they could say hi!


After we met up with Katherine and her family, around 2pm we decided to eat some Mexican food at the park, and watched the rest of the family speed by on Big Thunder Mountain from our table. The food was really good actually, and it was nice to be able to not split a plate. We normally split plates due to cost, so this was a first for us. By the time we finished our food, my Parents, John, Meghan and Casey joined us and we waited until they finished eating. Then it was a mad rush to get on as many rides as we could. The park closed at 8pm (early) so we were running. We all got to go on the major rides and most of everything else. Weather wise, crowds, and our family being together-it just really couldn't have been better, other then having my brother Rick and sister Rachael with us.

Ashlyn decided she would show me the different methods she could use wielding her new pirate sword!

I would definetely say with the smiles on these faces that we had a great time!

Mom and Dad getting ready to compete against each other in the Buzz lightyear ride. I can't remember who won, but I think Shaye had the most points. Well whoever won, it was definetely not me! haha

Each day the kids had to journal about what happened on their vacation for school. This is what Ashlyn had to say about the day we left for the trip and the first "official" day at Disneyland from a 10 year olds perspective.

Ashlyn said, "Today we started the trip. It took 3 hours of driving and I'm really cramped and tired but we made it. We are spending the night at the Candy Cane Inn. It has a pool! It also is right next to the entrance of Disneyland! Only a 5 minute walk! Tomorrow after we play at Disneyland, we're going to play in the pool and relax. Our room is #208 and it's so cute! It has tropical bedding, victorian woodwork and plantation shutters. ..

"We went to Disneyland! First we got a jamba juice after walking from our hotel, the Candy Cane Inn. We then got on Star Tours, (I went on twice) and the Buzz lightyear ride (I got 5, 208 points). All the lines were great! On almost every ride it was a 5 minute wait. My favorite rides were Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. On Space Mountain I screamed, "ADRENELINE"! The air smelled like churros and popcorn, and a small hint of pretzels. Dad got me a popcorn. After going on other rides, like the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean, we headed over to Splash Mountain. The first time was a normal wait time, twenty minutes at most. I was terrified when we got to the big 50 feet high waterfall. I felt my stomach flutter around as we dropped. I was soaked! After that we went on a second time (only a 5 minute wait, baby!). There were barely any people in line so the staff let us go again. Then my cousins got on with us, so we went 2 more times. My Dad made me promise to raise my arms the last 2 times and in return he would keep me from falling out. So, thus I raised my arms the whole time! After that we hit, "It's a Small World" and saw they had changed it. They added Alladin, Alice in Wonderland, and the white rabbit and the Little Mermaid. It creeped me out! After all that I was cold and wet, so we left. That's my action packed, soaking wet Disneyland adventure."

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