A Day Home with the Kids

Today was awakened to my son presenting me with a fried egg that he cooked himself, layed out nicely on a plate and brought to me on a cookie sheet "tray". It was a very sweet and thoughtful thing for him to do for me.
The kids don't have school today, because of a teacher prep day. Some parents look forward to their kids being at school, not me. I love them being home with me. I enjoy having my career being a full time stay home mom. It is quite fulfilling. The children are becoming more and more independent. I have made it a point for them to learn how to cook, and little by little they add to their bag of tricks. Ashlyn made pancakes by herself today for the first time, and often makes herself lunch for Jeffrey and herself. She is an expert at macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles, popcorn, grilled cheese sandwiches, and just recently won an Honorable Mention award for her Chinese Cabbage Chicken Salad. She borrowed the recipe from a family recipe book we received for Christmas. She also submitted a cake for a cooking competition and got 2nd place or Reserve Grand Champion. I am so proud of her.
Jeffrey is coming along in his cooking efforts as well. He makes killer fried eggs, Egg McMuffin sandwiches, and often helps me in the kitchen asking what he can do to help out.
I am a very lucky mom to have two children who love to spend time with me.

We haven't had t.v. or satellite for over a year in our home and it has been such a blessing. The children know how to play again. We watch movies together when we get something in from Netfliks, and it makes movie time a special time with the family. Now don't think the kids are deprived of watching t.v. my parents have satellite, and they go to their house after school everyday from the bus, so those munchkins get some T.V. time.


  1. Janele,
    We haven't had cable/satellite in over 5 years. Our kids may not know what the newest Disney fave is, but when the Spears girl got preggers at 16 it reminded me how much we do NOT need it in our home ;oD We do just fine with our local channels and netflix.
    Good for you! And I love the cooking thing... I need to do more of that. I get so flustered with everyone fighting over how they are going to help I end up doing it all myself.

  2. Thank you Devon! I understand about the getting frustrated part, I just try to break it up into jobs. That way I still get the one on one with each of the kids. Now mind you, my kids are 8 and 10, so my kids are in a different stage then yours. It will get better I promise.