Disneyland T-Shirts

About 10 years ago, my husband graduated from Mortuary College. We lived very close to Disneyland at the time, and we were able to visit 'The Happiest Place on Earth' quite often. One of the things I did for him as a gift, was make him a customized t-shirt with images from the Haunted Mansion ride that I was able to gather on the Internet. I am sure there are fancier ways to make a t-shirt now, but at the time I had to have the image printed onto transfer paper. I didn't trust that my printer would print a high enough quality of image, so I actually took it down to kinko's, and had them do it. We will be heading out on a vacation next month, and you guessed it, one of our stops is Disneyland. I am counting down the days!!!!! Next time I think I'll try an apron. I think that would be a very nice and cool gift to give to him especially around Halloween. You are welcome to to use the images that I used long ago. Enjoy!!!

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