Haunted Mansion Halloween Tablescape

This past Halloween I was asked to decorate a theme table for a fundraising event for a local theatre. I was impressed at how creative some of the other tables were decorated by other volunteers at the event. I felt a little intimidated at their towering tablescapes, and colorful masterpieces. I quickly realized however that I was not alone in feeling the pressure to create something memorable, and yet affordable for a centerpiece.

My inspiration was the Haunted Mansion dining room scene at Disneyland. I began by choosing my two dominant colors which were cranberry and black, and also by choosing crystal/glass to be used through out the setting. Once I had figured out my color scheme, I scoured the 99 Cent store and was able to find some really cute tombstones, as well as glass goblets with a dark purple stem. If you keep your eye out at the discount stores, often times you will come across items that you can use for dinner parties. I then headed over to Wal Mart and was able to purchase two candlehabras (sp?) and silk black roses. I purchased as many of the roses that I could get my hands on, and at $1.00 a piece it turned out to be a real deal. I generally try to save vases from past Valentines Bouquets, and was able to use one I had on hand. I did pick up some cranberry colored glass stones and used them in my centerpiece, as well as some cranberry sprays which I arranged with the black roses. The candles and napkins were also purchased at Wal Mart. The remainder of the black roses I picked up, I tied black ribbons on the stems and placed them on the napkins as a party favor.

I started with a black tablecloth as my base, and then stretched Halloween spider webbing across the table. When stretching I made sure that in some areas it had a wispy appearance, while in the other areas it seemed thicker. It was random and I kept adjusting it until I was pleased with the look. Hint: Be sure to let your guests know not to place their used utensils on the webbing as it sticks. I had one guest pulling webbing off of their fork before she took a bite. It was really funny. I was thankfully able to use glass goblets that were given to me for my wedding, and borrowed the silverware and glass pitcher from my mother. I loved being able to use what I had, and purchase the items at discount prices. It just shows that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to create something fabulous for a dinner party.

In order to get the dripped look for your candles, light them prior to your dinner party and let them drip awhile and then cool. Keep a close eye on them, especially if you plan to keep them lighted throughout your party. We had a slight breeze, so before I knew it they were down to stubs. Just keep an eye on them, and you will be fine.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!


  1. Wow! You really worked hard on this. Looks very festive and spooky!

  2. Thanks Megan! I had fun creating this tablescape,and it recieved allot of attention, because it was so different from the other tables being featured. Halloween is my fav. holiday, and it fits since my husband is a mortician. :)

  3. Awesome job!! Turned out great.

  4. Love this table!! What a fun idea. Now I have to keep my eyes open on my next visit to the $store

  5. Some great ideas, how fun!
    Happy Fall, Linda