Tropical Model Home Ideas for you to Enjoy

Every year there are Parades of Homes, and Open Houses for New Homes being built. When you enter, these homes are decorated and ready to go for the interested home buyer. While I understand that many of us are not in the house hunting market, this is a great way to gather some free tips from the pros on how to decorate your own homes. The best part about it, is that you can take as many photos as you want, and go home and duplicate the designs or just be inspired at the possibilities. The price tag of all these design tips is nothing, except your time and gas for the car. So, if you find yourself fresh out of ideas, head to your nearest Open House, or Parade of Homes, and take as many notes and pictures as you want!

Here are a few photos that I have kept in my design folder from an Open House that I went to a few years ago! The picture up above, was taken in Phoenix, Arizona several years back. I apoligize for the glare, it was a very sunny day, as it is most days in Arizona. Enough said, about my photography abilities, let's get down to business. This was an open floor plan, and the square footage wasn't as much as the builder wanted you to believe. The ceilings were high, which tricks the mind to think there is more floor space then there actually is. One thing the designer did was to utilize the wall space and create this very large sitting area with the wrap around sofa. I believe the idea was to create the illusion that this home would suit a large family. The arrangment on the little coffee table should be noted. Notice, how all the objects in the setting are of different heights. By varying the heights of objects you are showing, it creates balance. This is a good tip to follow when displaying objects you love.

Again, let me apoligize for the poor quality of the photo. You can even, see me taking the photo haha. This bathroom was really tiny, but boy it had style. On the back of the bathroom door was a full mirror. Now, I don't particulary like to see myself when I get out of the tub, but it is a great idea if you want a room to appear larger then it actually is. You will see this repeating trick through out most of the photos. The new home ticket prices might be higher, but that definetely doesn't mean more square footage. I believe the square footage is actually shrinking. As you can see in the photo the walls had tropical wall paper, and the towel was also decorated very nicely in a tropical motif. I think its a great way to pull a look together. You can always have a small basket on hand with the hand towels to use, and then have the decorated towel hung up to look at, and complete the room design. Guests don't want to wipe their hands on hand towels with toothpaste spit on it do they? So, you get my drift.
I took this picture in the bedroom. I think it was meant for a young girl, or even teenager. A cute stencil like this is a quick and easy way to create a fun decor scheme. The colors are warm, and the green punches it up a bit. If I remember correctly the bedding had a cute tropical look, with the green and rust color as well. This would be very painless to the wallet, and your daughter or son, depending on the color scheme could actually tackle this project on their own.

This was such a fun Dining Room table setting, I just had to share it with you. As you can see, the table is glass, and the chairs have been covered. The glass table doesn't make it seem like it takes up every last square inch in the room, but it did. If you have the extra money, have a florest create an impressive center piece that you can use and rotate throughout the seasons. This one had height and it was fun. There is even a coconut in it. The table setting, so..cute. The colors are solid, and can be found at any discount store. What makes it special is the half cut pineapple. If you have a son that is a sports fan, then this is the room for him. This room could serve from youngster on up to a teenager. The color scheme is really simple, but the designer used base board molding and painted it a dark navy and created a space on the wall to put up the pennants. The white paint created a background for the colors in the pennant to stand out. This is also a great idea for team photos, or other sports collectibles to be displayed. The letters up above in the navy blue, also serve as additional wall decor. This is a fun room!
This is another child's theme room, and you guessed it-Harry Potter. This could even serve as a chess lovers room. With just a few cute stencils, a whole theme was created and the wall served as a headboard. Headboards are often not needed, and in a small room it often gives the room a very heavy look and makes the room appear even smaller. Using the wall is a great way to eliminate that problem.
What do you do, when you live in a townhouse, with a tiny patio area? This patio area was stunning, and really tiny but it didn't stop them for giving it big time points in design. Who would have thought you could have a pond with koy fish in suburbia. The fountain, and little deck area is ingenious in my opinion and it has enough space to still get some patio furniture out there to get some sun. The painted cinderblocks in a neutral tone, with the abundance of foilage gives this area additional points and creates an oasis just outside your sliding glass doors.

If you have any comments please feel free to give them, and take as many ideas as you like.


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  1. Looks good. Thanks for some ideas. If we get the home we have an offer in on I will have A LOT of decorating to do. Will be stopping by to see what else you have. Thanks!