Easter 2009

We have a great family!

Our Family

On Easter my husband had to work during the day, and I felt really under the weather. It has been going hot and then cold, and then hot and then cold. My kidneys start to act up when the weather pressure changes, so I needed the rest. We had just purchased Easter outfits for the kids and I for church, and I felt horrible because we were not able to attend. By early evening I felt a little more like myself, so we decided to join the family for an Easter dinner and get together. I am glad we did, because it was a wonderful time seeing the kids so happy and running around. It is always nice to spend time with the family and the best part was there weren't any arguments! Haha

My sister and my nieces. Don't they look cute?!

We made the Easter Egg hunt much harder this year, and hid them everywhere. The kids found the majority of the Eggs, and were very protective of the candy that was in the plastic eggs. My poor Brother John, only wanted a few pieces, and the kids practically attacked him. Sorry John!!

Jeffrey was really hard to take a picture of during the Easter Egg Hunt because he was always on the move! Mom, Arvada and Jeff watching the kids go wild over eggs!
Rachael, Katherine and I enjoying time together as sisters. Where's Meghan?! Yes, Katherine is our sister, she is just the darkest one out of all six of us. Don't ask me why, she just is. lol
There's Meghan!
Grandma and Grandpa Eggman
Ashlyn and Shaye showing some love.

Kiyah is all smiles because she knows where the hidden eggs are!

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