Cleaning house

Today was dedicated to house cleaning. This was the first time all week that I was able to stay home and catch up on some much needed work. I worked for 4 hours straight and was able to deep clean 3 rooms, by organizing and even throwing out some furniture that had broken. There was an old desk that was gifted to us, (it was junk) that I decided to get rid of. It was solid wood and painted a hideous pink. When I pulled it out into my back yard, the legs broke off and down it fell and landed in front of my porch. When Jeffrey came home from school, he decided to grab his Dad's hammer and went to town on it. I thought it looked bad before. Now I have chunks of wood and debris all over the place. Oh well! Now I have a job for him to work on tomorrow. Tomorrow I am tackling my kids' rooms. I doubt I will finish, but I am going to give it a try.

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