Designer Thursday- Outdoor Wedding Ideas

I was out of town for the last few weeks to help out with my cousins wedding in Utah. It was amazing, and I was so inspired by all of the creative ideas that my Aunt had for the outdoor reception. I just wanted to name a few. Wouldn't you know it, I didn't have my camera, because my sweet daughter needed to use it to take photos of the Fair, and her Band concert! Darn. I will do my best to list some great ideas, and show some other fantastic outdoor wedding ideas that inspire me.

As the guests walked up there was a custom made photo booth. Each guest or group would grab some funky glasses, boas, hats, whatever suited their fancy from a plastic bin, and take a series of 4 pictures. (Our pictures were taken in Color and the names of the bride and groom were printed on the bottom, with the date of the reception.) When the guests came out of the photo booth, everyone received their own copy and then they taped a copy into the guest book, and wrote a little message underneath. The pages they taped the photos on were black, and we used a white pen. It was so...much fun. Check out this link for an example of the wedding book and an article about the growing trend of the photo booth.

Large Scale banner Prints of the Bride and Groom

My aunt went to a Large Format Digital copy center that usually prints logos and designs for businesses when they are advertising or setting up a booth at a convention, and she used that technology to decorate the outside walls of her home. She took the Engagement photos, as well as Bridal Photos of my cousin and had huge banners made with the images. The result was amazing. The use of the large banners not only spotlighted the Bride and Groom, but it also created an intimate outdoor setting where the focus was on the new couple, rather then the siding on her house. (I am trying to get my aunt to send some photos over from the reception. When I get my hand on some, I'll be sure to post them! I can't wait.)
Amazing DIY Bridal Centerpiece

I found this photo and short tutorial from, and I was impressed with not only the bling but how versatile this centerpiece could be. I am planning a High School Reunion, and plan on keeping this idea as a possibility. Below is the article that accompanied the photo. Enjoy.

"With the summer wedding season just a few months away many future brides are in right in the midst of their wedding planning. Having a summer wedding gives the future bride plenty of options when looking for the perfect décor for your outdoor wedding reception. When I think of a stunning outdoor wedding reception, first thing that comes to mind is a gorgeous centerpiece.

Add A Little Bling-Bling to Your Wedding Day

Amaze your wedding guest with a crystal tree centerpiece and make your focal point the talk of the town. We all know that crystal trees can get a bit pricey however, they are in high demand. Fortunately, for you DIY brides you can create your very own crystal tree and save a boat load of money. Check out how you can craft you own crystal tree centerpiece.

Here’s What to Pick up from Your Local Craft Store
Sturdy tree branches or you can use real ones (The height and size is totally up to you, depends on what you are going for)
A base to hole the tree (Cylinder Vase)
Fishing Line
Crystal or/beads with small holes at the top (If you want your crystals to give off a sparkle, be sure to pick up the ones that are iridescent. Do Not Buy Crystals without the holes. You must be able to string the wire through the crystal.

1.Place the branches in the base (Cylinder Vase) that you purchased.
2.Tie a fishing line to different branches on the tree make sure that the line is hanging down at different lengths.
3.String the crystals or beads to each of the fishing line.
Remember the more crystals you use the merrier! Good Luck!"

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