Designer Thursday:Girls Camp Journal Tutorial

Girls Camp Journal Tutorial

Image #1

My mother in law, has a monthly craft night with her girlfriends, and they made this adorable journal for Mothers Day. I knew that once again, I would be up to my eyeballs in getting prepped for Girls Camp, so I decided to take this idea and make it fit with the theme for this years camp.

This year our Girls Camp theme revolves around the Military. I am sure there is an acronym for camp, but I just can't remember it at the moment. Having a journal at camp is important I believe, because it gives the girls and leaders an opportunity to write down their thoughts. My mother is laws version is more detailed then the version for camp. I have to limit supplies because of budget, but if that isn't a problem then have the girls embellish as much as they want.

1.There is allot of great military 12x12 double sided cardstock and paper available. I chose one from the AirForce. Choose a design that suits your design style. If it comes in a pack, trim off the white border (with the hole in it).

2.Measure 8" across and cut. Do not throw away the scraps as you will use these later.

3.Place a 5 inch by 8 inch Jr. Legal Pad in the middle of your paper and glue down on the back. I used hot glue to attach the legal pad. Important: Make sure that the tablet is square with the paper. Image 2, shows the legal pad centered on the green decorated paper. The pink scalloped edge is added later.

4. After the glue is dry; bend and crease the paper around the tablet.

Image #2

5. Fold back top flap 1/2 inch and glue. Look at Image #1 as a reference. Because your paper is double sided, the pattern for the inside of the journal will create a strip down the front of your journal.

6. Choose a different coordinating 12 x 12 double sided paper. This will be your accent color for the scalloped edge as well as for a back ground for the vellum sayings and name plate on the front of the journal. You will be able to use the scraps for other journals.

7. Cut your accent paper 2 1/2 inches wide for the front cover. You can create a scallop design of your choosing.

8. Glue the scallop strip 1/2 inch under the front cover. Refer to image #2.

9. With the same, or different paper design create a name plate and attach to the bottom front of your cover. In image #1, vellum wording was attached (use double sided tape or a glue stick) over the name plate. In image #2, I used more scraps from the military paper and mounted that on to the name plate.

10. Hot Glue ribbon half way on front of folded border.

11.Glue button top of ribbon.

12. Embellish with vellum wording, chip board, and buttons.

Back side of the journals

If anyone has any questions feel free to let me know! I'm off to make more crafts for camp!

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