Grandpa's Teeth

I had to share an experience that happened on Fathers Day. My Grandfather, whom I love dearly, just got some new dentures. However, he is pretty stubborn so he decided to wear his old dentures, which apparently didn't fit him well. At the end of our Fathers Day Bar B-Q, my sister served a delicious chocolate cake, and as we were finishing up with desert-guess what happened? My Grandfather popped out his teeth and starting scraping and cleaning the chocolate off of them with his dirty napkin. You should have seen all of our faces! It was hilarious, and really disgusting at the same time. My Grandpa thought it was funny, but it was so...gross. My poor sister is pregnant and that particular day her gag reflex was really strong. She commented later to me that she almost threw up at the table because of that little stunt. You have to love him! Happy Fathers Day!


  1. That is too funny! I guess that's what Grandpa's are for.

    So you are craft director, too. It is a bigger job than I realized it would be. What is your theme? Are you going to post your projects? I'd love to see what everyone else is doing!

  2. Hey Kendra, I just posted one of the projects I am doing for camp. When I get a free moment, I'll post some more. Good luck! Being craft director, is a big job!