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I was featured on Tip Junkie today, and wanted to share the cake decorating project that my daughter worked on for her 4-H Favorite Foods Day Project. The "GARDEN CAKE" is a spin off from a great Cupcake book called, "Hello, Cupcake" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. It is a book that is definitely worth having in your cooking library. All of the veggies in the garden are made from CANDY!

Starburst, Vanilla tootsie rolls, twizzlers, pretzels, spearmint gum, green frosted flakes, and green m&m's are what the veggies are made up of, (and a little elbow grease to manipulate the ingredients). What was great in making this project is that there is very little frosting or piping technique needed.

This was for a cake decorating competition so we used Styrofoam as a base. We carved the base to make rows for our garden, and then frosted it with chocolate and coated it with oreo cookie crumbs. This made the "soil". We found that by putting the oreo in the blender (without the filling) it created a finer soil.

The radishes are out of a cherry starburst rolled with a vanilla tootsie roll. By rolling the starburst and various other candies in your hand, the heat warms the candy up nicely and makes it pliable.

The leaves for the cabbage are actually corn flakes that are coated with a green icing glaze. You should try this process on some wax paper. This is the messiest part of the project. Once the leaves are prepared, you can use a green m&m, or green starburst rolled into a small ball as the center of the cabbage head. Then attach the leaves with a dab of frosting, and layer them to create the effect you like.

The beans are actually green starbursts with greem m&m to represent the peas. Green twizzler vines are also used to help finish the effect. Remember to just keep the starburst in your hand to get it warm and pliable and start rolling it until it resembles a thick snake. We used the back of a butter knife to split it open and then added the M&M's for the peas.

The carrots are orange starburst and she piped the carrot tops. The shovel is made from pretzel sticks,(handle) and we bent some green spearmint gum and attached it to the pretzel and had it look like a shovel.

The Row markers were made out of graham crackers that were frosted, and attached to another pretzel. My daughter then piped on the little pictures for the seed packets.

She won Reserve Grand Champion for this project, and I think it would be a great project to start the kids out on for Cake Decorating. My daughter was 10 when she made this cake, so its never too early to start cooking with your kids. Great Job Ashlyn!!! Thank you Tip Junkie for featuring this project!! I would love to hear your comments, so feel free to ask any questions, or just say hi!!

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