4th of July Ballpark Game and Fireworks

Yes, I realize that it is now August 1st, however in my defense I have been canning, pickling, and jamming for the majority of July. Better late then never right?
The majority of my family went to Chukchansi Park in Fresno, California on 4th of July, where we enjoyed a great baseball game, each other's company, and a spectacular Fireworks show. I'll be honest the Baseball game was a flop because the home team lost by almost 13 runs, but it was sure fun laughing about how bad they were playing. This was a minor league game for the Dodgers and Giants. (Sorry I can't recall the exact names of the teams at the moment). The only one of my siblings that wasn't present, was my brother Rick. :( We sure missed him though).
I took allot of photos and have so many that I just clumped them altogether. It was a really great All American outing with the family. You can't beat a baseball game, firework show, cotton candy flag waving, laughter and good company. I hope we do it again next year!

Left: My handsome husband Jeff enjoying the game.

Right:(In the back giving bunny ears) Ashlyn, (Center)Kat (Front) Myself, and Rachael

Katherine and Shawn

Shaye and Ashlyn

Rachael and Meghan

Casey and John

Jeff, Kiyah and Jeffrey

My parents and some creepy guy posing in the background. :)

Ahoy ye mateys!

Katherine and Shaye enjoying a mother/daughter moment, with Ashlyn coming down from her sugar rush!

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