5 Creative Baby Shower Favors you are going to love

I have decided that Thursdays will be dedicated to a design post. Todays topic: Creative Baby Shower Favors. My brother's girlfriend was asked to come up with a cute Baby Shower Favor and she worriedly came to me today asking for ideas. I decided to do some sleuthing on the Web and share some of the more creative ideas that I came across. If you have any ideas that you would like to share, please feel to make a comment and I'll share it on my blog!

At http://giftdefine.com they offer these adorable mini storybook characters to be used as pins or charms. This unique party favor might be small (approx. 2.5"x2.5") but they earn Big style points in the creative department. How fun would that be to recieve this little bird in its own little nest. Adorable.

This baby shower favor is a unique twist from what you would normally expect to be given at a party. However, I must say that this is a really practical, and useful skill for any woman on the go. My mom and I joke that we are losing our minds, because we can never find our keys in our purses. I went to lunch with my mother today and I spent 5 minutes searching for her car keys in her purse pockets, while she rushed back into the restaurant to check to see if she left the keys on the table. This wristlet is not only stylish but a lifeline for gals like me who can't find their darn keys. Check out www.jimmypickles.etsy.com .

With the smell of Spring blossoms in the air, I can't help but love these adorable baby shower favors. The Butterfly Gift baskets with wild flower seed packets, would be something that your guests could use in their own flower gardens, and help celebrate a new birth. I love this idea from http://babytango.com

I don't know about you, but I think this baby shower favor would be a great girlfriend,sister,mom or even stocking stuffer gift. I can't get over how cute that little sandal is. :) This party favor is called "She'll soon see her feet again", and is a little manicure set from babytango.com.

Are you the "World's Gratest Mom"? Well if you are, then this is the party favor for you! I found this party favor at several baby stores online that sell Baby Shower favors, so I am sure you will be able to find a few to give out at the next baby shower you host. In case you don't, stop over at this online store! http://favoryourshower.0.kateaspenshops.com/

I would love to hear some comments or suggestions on other creative baby shower favors, especially if they are home-made.

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  1. Those are super cute! You've got a great blog. Which blog is Marilo's? I couldn't find it.