Eating Healthier

My husband and I started Weight Watchers last week. Yup, it had finally gotten to the point where we felt the need for some intervention. I am so glad, that he decided to take the plunge with me, because I think it would have been extra hard for me if I had to do it alone. We have both lost 2 lbs, and hopefully we will continue to lose.

Shopping for groceries is much more difficult and takes allot more time, I must say. I came up with the meals, and made a shopping list and then we headed off to the stores. I say stores, because I have found that the days of shopping in one store are over. Milk is cheaper at one store, and meats and vegetables at another. If it will save us a dime here and there, I will do what it takes.

We had a wonderful meal tonight, that consisted of whole wheat spaghetti, fresh zuchinni and a salad. We even emptied our fridge of foods that would be contrary to our new healthier eating regime. Losing weight is a goal yes, but even more so is the goal to feel healthier. We have a large garden growing, and I can't wait until we can bring the fruits of our labor to the table rather then plunking down money at the grocery market. The great part of eating healthier is that I will be cooking just one meal for everyone. The only difference between what Jeff and I will be eating and the childrens food are the portions of food. I was very satisfied, and didn't feel like I was going without food. So far so good!!!

Now...I just need to get motivated to start exercising. lol

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