How to Make a Worm Farm- A great Summer Activity for your kids

I teach a Cub Scout Den each week, and this month our theme was Leave Nothing but Footprints. An activity that we did was on making a Worm Farm. This is not only a great activity for scouts but for your kids at home as well. It is not only fun, but it also teaches them a good use for recycling kitchen scraps, and creates some great fertilizer for your garden.

How to Make a Worm Farm

Worm Farm Materials:
1. Container, such as a large bucket or plastic box -I found some great buckets at the 99 cent store by Target.
2. Noncolored newspaper (torn in 1 inch strips)
3. Small screened wire
4. Vegetable scraps (lettuce, eggshells, and coffee grounds work nicely)
5. Piece of burlap
6. Earthworms (you can purchase these from Wal Mart in the sporting section)
7. Soil -(I picked up a bag of potting soil at the Dollar store by the movie theatre, or you can use soil from your back yard or garden)

Create a bed of materials for worms to digest by layering shredded newspaper, handfuls of soil and table scraps. Cover with more layers of newpaper. An 8 inch layer of material is a good start. Moisten the contents of the bucket and place the worms in the bucket. . Place a piece of burlap on top to keep the light out and the soil moist. Place the small screened wire on top of the burlap, to keep the worms from crawling out. :) Feed every 2 weeks. If you have problems with your worm farm, you can find lots of information on the Internet on how to make worm farms. Just Google Worm Farm, and I am sure you will find all the information you need.

What happens? The worms eat through the material you prepared in the bucket. The by-product is an enriched soil you can use in your garden. You are also finding a good use for kitchen waste as you recycle. Just be sure to keep the mixture moist and add table scraps to help feed the worms. Have fun!!!

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