Piano Recital 2009

Jeffrey and I played the song "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission" together.

Ashlyn, Jeffrey and I took piano lessons this year. This was the kids' second year with lessons, and my first. We had a Piano recital on Sunday May 3, 09 and were able to play some selected pieces that we had been working on throughout the year. I must say, I am quite impressed at how composed and cool the children were during the recital. I can't say that I was composed and collected myself, because when I had to play my solo piece, my hands shook uncontrollably. I had my piano recital piece memorized and was doing great until the end, when one of my shaking hands slipped off the keys and hit the neighboring keys. I was quite miffed at myself.

Jeffrey and I played a duet together to the tune of "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission" by Newel K. Brown. Jeffrey also played a piano solo called "Little Caballero" by Stecher, Horowitz, Gordon.

Ashlyn loves being in the spotlight, so playing in front of everyone was a breeze for her.

Ashlyn did a wonderful job and had smooth sailing in her performance pieces. She played a beautiful song called "Sometimes" by Dennis Alexander, and also played "I Love to See the Temple" by Janice Kapp Perry.

We played for my Aunt and Grandparents after the recital was over. I was much more relaxed playing in front of them.
My parents, Meghan and my friend Deena came to watch us, so it was neat to have them hear what we had spent months learning. Jeffrey and I played at the beginning of the concert, and Ashlyn played at the end. My Aunt Arvada and Grandparents missed our performance, but was able to see Ashlyn. One thing that did happen when Jeffrey gave our private concert, was that Grandma started clapping to the beat of Jeffrey's solo piece, but Grandpa couldn't hear so he tried to get her to stop. Well she didn't like that apparently because she started hitting my Grandpa. All I could do was sit up on the stage watching them as Jeffrey played for them. My Grandmother has Alzheimers, so she forgot all about the incident a minute later, but my poor Grandpa didn't. I could tell by the look on his face that he was upset. Hopefully, he was able to enjoy some of what we were playing after my Aunt sat in between them. One good thing is that Jeffrey was so engrossed in playing his piano piece that he didn't notice that they missed listening to half of it.

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