Porterville City Fair 2009

Ashlyn is in 4-H and she entered projects in several exhibits in different categories for Tulare County Junior Livestock Show & Porterville Community Fair. She had Photography entries, Food Entries, and an Art and Craft Entry. She worked really hard and we are proud of her achievements! Good Work Ashlyn. Next Year, Jeffrey will be able to enter things in the Fair too. While I was out of town visiting family in Utah, Jeff took the kids to the Fair, and called me to tell me the good news of what Ashlyn won. She won 1st and 2nd place with everything she entered. We are proud of her accomplishments. The kids were able to enjoy some of the fun things at the Porterville Fair, by visiting the animals as well as enjoying the rides. I sure missed them, but I'm glad they had fun.

In Photography she won a 1st place for a story sequence of some exotic parrots. She took a series of 3 photos of some parrots we saw in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Mexico when we were on our cruise. The scoring sheet said she recieved 44/50 points. The comments made about this entry were: "I love the mat with these pictures. Good capture of birds being birds."
She also entered a photo of a Gorilla that we saw at the San Diego Zoo. The gorilla came up close to us and sat right in front of us. She won 2nd place, and was in the Digitally altered with Color Enhancement category. The photo was taken through glass. She recieved 32/50 points. The comments were "The brown mat needs to be darker to make him stand out." Another series of 3 photos she entered was in the "Available light Photography of Orange Blossoms and Bee". She recieved 2nd place for that entry, and got 39/50 points. The comments were, "Bottom photo good, middle in shadows, and the top is a question." I am not sure what they were looking for but they looked good to us.
The last photo in this orange blossom and bee series, we did a close up of the bee on the flower, and that is what she entered, for her close up technique. She won 1st for that photo.

She entered a "Salon Exhibition of a Crane at the San Diego Zoo". She got 1st place, and recieved 45/50 points. There were no comments, but this was my favorite photo that Ashlyn took and entered. I plan on blowing this photo up even larger then the 8 1/2" x 12" we have.
The last photography entry she entered was in the category of "Close Up technique of a Bee and an Orange Blossom" She got 1st place, and recieved 40/50 points. The comments were, "Crisp, Clear, and very sharp." This photo doesn't have the close up, but I promise you that it is really stunning when you zoom up close on the bee with the leaves and blossom.

For cooking she entered several projects. Ashlyn stayed up late the night before the entries were due and worked hard in following the recipes. We are very proud of her. I will include the recipes when I get a few moments to spare.

She entered a Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread. She earned a 2nd place. She recieved an excellent mark for proper shape and smoothness, and crust color. The comment left for her, was "keep up the good work."
She entered a "Monkey Bread" recipe. The bread dough was made from a recipe from Ashlyn's Great Grandmother Smith, and she made it from scratch. She recieved 1st place. The comments made were, "Best bite of bread yet, Great work, will look for more next year." She recieved excellent marks across board on her score sheet.

In addition, her entry for "Lemon Bread" which came from her Great Grandma Jenson, recieved a 2nd place. The comments were, "Hope to see you next year, keep up the good work." She got excellent marks in "shape and smoothness, crust color, and crust thickness, quality, crispness and tenderness."

The last entry was "Orange Rolls" recieved a 1st place. She recieved excellent in all 4 categories, in "appearance, lightness, texture, and flavor". The comments made were "very original, different, excellent and tasty."

For Arts and Crafts, she entered a Gourd that she hollowed out and painted to make into a vase. She was in the novice category, and recieved 1st place. She got excellence in overall appearance, workmanship, and originality. The comments made were "Great colors."

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  1. I am very happy about the achievements of Ashlyn, so I see this girl is very talented in more than a theme eh?
    I know she works hard for this so, please give my encouragement to continue. I think she did good work. She have very nice photos of animals, and... personally I think the flowers are more difficult to capture, very much with a bee. I know several photographers and using special techniques and objectives, so I think it captured very well within their capabilities. I am curious to see your pumpkin vase, please do not forget to include a picture of this.
    A very strong kiss for you, jeff and children