Designer Spotlight: Amazing Muralist

I have to brag about my husband's best friend David Sykes. He is an incredible artist, and I can't wait to commission him to do some work in my home. His sweet wife updated her blog and showed off a mural that he worked on for their living room, and I was blown away. If you are LDS then you will especially appreciate this mural, as it has one of the temples in the background. David as you can see has a gift, so if you are in the market for a mural design or art commission then go no further. He can do pretty much anything-3D Art, painting, graphic design, sketching etc. Below is another example of what he painted in his living room.

I am currently working on a children's book, and I'm trying to talk David into being my illustrator. He has two design blogs, so check them out and contact him if you are in need of an artist. The first is David L Sykes Design for examples of his Graphic Design and Logo work. To see some of the 3D art, and more of his incredible mural work check out Sketchbug -The artwork of David L Sykes and

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  1. Janele, thanks so much for the kind comments and the recognition. I would like to point out that the wall that has the scene with the temple in it is a southern facing wall. The temple in the scene is the new Oquirrh temple. which you would see in about the spot I painted it were it not for the wall and my neighbors house and so on. thanks again and tell Jeff 'hi' for me.